It all started from a vision when the owner, Pamela C. Yap-Magallon, just gave birth and was breastfeeding her first born son in March of 2000. Pam thought of designing and producing special breastfeeding chairs. At home she improvised by taping baby bolsters on the arm rests of her monoblock chair, placing a pillow on the sit, a pillow on the back, a pillow on her lap, pillows under her legs as she stretched her legs on the bed or on a table. But she still experienced discomfort and bodyaches. Nevertheless, she stuck it through for 3-1/2 years.

About 3 years ago when Pam was pregnant with her daughter, she bought a breastfeeding pillow from Gentle Hands, where she reviewed Natural Childbirth in the hope to do water-birthing. She used it to breastfeed and the pillow was a perfect fit, size, shape, thickness, firmness – comfortable for breastfeeding.

Two months after she has given birth, she helped a mother breastfeed directly her 4lb. small infant and she let the mother use her breastfeeding pillow. The mother was able to breastfeed and requested Pam to order a breastfeeding pillow for her.

Upon ordering, Pam found-out that the manufacturer, Ms. Bolen de Ramos, a Pastor’s wife, has just closed shop, in order to help her husband with their ministries. Just over the phone, without even seeing each other, Ms. Bolen suddenly threw Pam an offer, “What if you just continue the business?”

So it made Pam think and Pam has always wanted to take on this challenge for the past 2 years now. The only thing that stopped her was the absence of a blessing from her husband.

In the meantime, Pam extended help to other breastfeeding mothers by contributing articles to Baby magazine, entertaining telephone counselling, conducting lectures at preschools, hosting baby showers and donating her healthy breast milk to nurture premature infants and to heal skin diseases and sore eyes of children and adults.

In June 2006, Pam’s youngest sister-in-law gave birth to her first child. Pam helped her breastfeed amidst hospital’s and pedia’s violations to Breastfeeding and Rooming-in Acts. For the first time Pam attempted to make breastfeeding pillows for her and for another sister-in-law, and she succeeded! And her husband finally consented to pursue this.

So from July to early August 2006, Pam registered the name “BOSOM BUDDY” with DTI, processed the necessary business permits with the municipality and BIR, registered the trademark and breastfeeding pillow with IPO, bought machines and materials, started producing the products and marketing tools, and launched “BOSOM BUDDY”.


BOSOM BUDDY BREASTFEEDING PRODUCTS is a sole proprietorship, Christian company, run by a Breastfeeding Mother and Counselor, that manufactures very helpful, safe, long-lasting, high quality breastfeeding products, and provides information, techniques and support that will help mothers succeed and prolong breastfeeding beyond 2 years.


Pamela C. Yap-Magallon Christian, married to Bong Magallon, working mother of 2 kids: Iezer and Kizzy, both exclusively breastfed for 6 months and 8 months respectively, and continued up to now. Kids have never tried a single drop of milk formula nor bottle-feeding. Family is vegan and eats unpolished rice, no dairies, no sugar, no chemicals, no processed food/ingredients. Daily massages the children. Use natural healing methods.

(Angel picture of Pam w/ 2 kids)

Pam and her family feel God’s loving hands work in their life through breastfeeding, to cite:

  • Pam went on a 360 degrees turnaround overnight from unhealthy diet to becoming vegan and avoiding sugar for the sake of her first born son whom she breastfed
  • Despite many possible obstacles to breastfeeding working at a fast-paced advertising agency, she was able to breastfeed her son for 3-1/2 years without a single drop of milk formula
  • Due to deepening principle, she left her 8 year career in advertising and put-up her own events company, RED LETTER DAYS, where she strictly did not handle any food, beverage and drug companies as clients
  • Even with a Caesarean delivery on her second child, she never felt any pain after the anaesthesia has worn-off, she was able to breastfeed in a lying-on-back position as soon as she and baby were roomed-in, and she had a very quick recovery that she was out of the hospital on the second day
  • Son Iezer was healed of hernia through prayers, nutrition and massage
  • The family avoids getting sick by being very careful in every food they eat. But when anyone gets sick, healing is done using natural methods like steam, sponge bath, massage, home-made herbal teas and healing foods. They don’t go to doctors, don’t buy or take Western Vitamins nor Medicines.
  • Pam was able to help three (3) sisters-in-law breastfeed their children
  • She donates healthy red rice vegan breast milk that nurtured premature infants and healed skin rashes, asthma, acnes/pimples, burns and sore eyes
  • Pam promotes breastfeeding and natural healthy lifestyle as a Breastfeeding Counselor, Support Group Facilitator, Contributor to Baby Magazine, Writer of Internet Church Ministry, occasional TV and radio guesting, “Health” and “Animal” Talks at preschools, parties for the aged and cancer patients, talks at baby showers, and with the very helpful BOSOM BUDDY breastfeeding products she manufactures.


What’s unique about BOSOM BUDDY products and information is that these have been personally proven right and successful by the proprietor and she still personally uses these products and information in breastfeeding her kids.

And, the main objective is to help other mothers be able to breastfeed their children.


BOSOM BUDDY is here to help mothers succeed and sustain breastfeeding their children beyond 2 years, according to WHO standards.

There is a need to provide breastfeeding products with features and materials that are high quality, safe, comfortable, convenient, long-lasting, and perfect for breastfeeding;

I offer myself as your breastfeeding counselor who will conduct one-on-one or group "Prenatal Breastfeeding Classes", hospital, home, phone, on-line forum "Post-natal Breastfeeding Counseling", "Breastfeeding Support Group" Sessions, "Preventive Medicine" talks, "Natural Healing Techniques" consultation/advice, "Healthy and Healing Indigenous Foods" talk and advice, and "Infant, Child & Lactation Massage" demonstrations.


A society where it becomes automatic for all mothers to breastfeed their children, exclusively for minimum of six months and sustained beyond 2 years, complemented with indigenous foods;
where it becomes unthinkable to feed/take-in milk, dairy products and unhealthy products;
where mothers get empowered to be the nurturer, nutritionist and healer for her family;
where fathers play active roles in supporting their wives and in fathering their children.

Drawn by Iezer, 6 year old, breastfed, Designer/Creative Director of


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