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    Bosom Buddy Breastfeeding Pillow Sets
    • Breastfeeding Pillow • 2 Pillow Cases• Pillow Bag
    STOCK #: BPSA-Bpb
    Breastfeeding Pillow Set A - Blue Polka Blocks
    with 2 Pillow Cases: Blue and Green
    Pillow Bag: Blue
    STOCK #: BPSA-Rpb
    Breastfeeding Pillow Set A - Red Polka Blocks
    with 2 Pillow Cases: Red and Maroon
    Pillow Bag: Pink
    STOCK #: BPSA-Bsq
    Breastfeeding Pillow Set A - Blue Squares
    with 2 Pillow Cases: Blue and Green
    Pillow Bag: Blue
    STOCK #: BPSA-Rsq
    Breastfeeding Pillow Set A - Pink Squares
    with 2 Pillow Cases: Pink and Yellow
    Pillow Bag: Pink

    Pillow Set design subject to availability



    C-SHAPE perfectly fits & locks onto the waist of a mother who has just given birth and it will still fit the mother’s waist as she trims down

    BIG SIZE is wide enough to lay the baby and rest mother’s arms and elbows onto the pillow

    THICKNESS gives the needed height for the baby to reach mother’s breast when baby is laid on top of the pillow, with support of mother’s arm

    FIRMNESS lasts for years to help breastfeed beyond 2 years

    SMOOTH FINISH Fabric for housing and pillow cases are good for baby’s delicate skin

    (Visual:Big Pink Pillow)


    Cradle Hold

    Primary Use:

    1. Elbow and arm support for mommy.

    2. Right height for baby to reach and latch onto mom's areola.

    3. A bed to support baby's body from falling.

    4. Allows 1 arm free to pump milk from the other breast, or to eat, answer the phone, write, etc.



    Primary Use:

    1. Best support for baby's back

    - The curve/contour of the pillow follow the shape of the baby's neck, and reaches until baby's buttocks, providing the needed solid hold.

    - The heavy weight keeps baby firmly attached to mom's body, thus, keep them latched together. The pillow doesn't slip so baby doesn't fall on his back.

    2. Very comfortable pillow in-between mother's legs. It is necessary to place a pillow between mother's legs; otherwise, mom's legs will ache ("mangangalay").


    Football Hold

    Primary Use:

    1. Provides the extended pillow support for baby's lower-body in a football hold position.

    2. Good breastfeeding pillow for tandem feeding twins or siblings



    Primary Use:

    1. Mom's leg rest. In the lying-on-back position, it is necessary to place a pillow under mother's knees for total comfort.

    2. One of the pillows to be tucked under mom's shoulder and arms. Its thickness gives the needed height to support mother's arm in holding baby in the lying-on-back position.


    CLICK to see "Correct Latching" and "Breastfeeding Positions"




    when awake


    when alone




    achieves a new milestone

    needs a hug

    re-enacts breastfeeding
    moments with mommy

    3. Anybody’s BOSOM BUDDY

    Head Rest

    Neck Rest

    Arm Rest

    Back Rest

    Tummy Ache

    Leg Rest


    Not all “C”-shaped, “U”-shaped, “L”-shaped pillows are good for breastfeeding.
    The problem is, when you believe that a pillow is a breastfeeding pillow but it is not, you rely on it.  You’ll fail proper latching which will lead you to think you don’t have enough breast milk and you’ll suffer uncomfortable position and sore nipples.

    “L” or “V” shaped pillows are for pregnant women’s leg rest and for head rest.

    The low-priced small “C” or “U” shaped pillows you see are not meant for breastfeeding but for baby’s child care:  arm rest/arm exercise when lying on tummy, for lying baby with elevated head, and as support for sitting.

    Opening is too small

    The opening wouldn’t fit a woman’s waist, more so, a mom who just gave birth. It fits the waist of a toddler who plays with her doll. It is thin and the material contained in the pillow makes the pillow flat easily.

    Size is too small

    for mothers to rest their arms and elbows and even for the growing size of their babies

    Firmness is too soft

    made of fiber or cotton, so pillows easily flatten with a few time’s use

    Height is too low/thin

    when laid on mother’s lap, the baby is too low to reach mother’s breast. This lead to wrong latching and uncomfortable position. The mother bends to reach down to the baby (which is wrong and will give body ache). Additional pillows on mother’s lap and under mother’s arms have to be added. It becomes so hard to fix the right position for breastfeeding and for moving the baby to the other breast.


    When the pillow used in breastfeeding is not right in terms of size, shape, thickness and firmness, it will give breastfeeding discomfort to both mother and baby. Breastfeeding discomfort is one of the reasons why most mothers stop or give-up breastfeeding.


    "The BOSOM BUDDY Pillow is wonderful.  Firm, snug, big and long enough for Ravi.  Every breastfeeding mom needs it for support for her and for the baby.
    Maraming salamat kay Pam.”

    -  ERROL, ANJOO AFED (Santolan, QC)


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