My eldest son Iezer is a picky eater. He was left with his nanny as I used to be a full-time employee. The nanny tried to lose weight by not eating. My son ate alone. At 6 months, he was given a different food, and just one kind for 3 days as I was advised to determine his allergic reactions to food first. After which the nanny served him just white rice and soup (different soup) everyday. He had his own food, I had mine, the nanny who was a meat-eater had hers. My son was prevented from eating some dishes that were on the dining table.

My daughter Kizzy is a foodie. I exclusively breastfed her for 8 months because her digestive system just couldn’t take-in solid food earlier. But once she reached her 9th month, she was ready to try on all the vegetarian dishes that we have. I ate with her. I expressed how yummy the foods tasted and she mimicked after me. We did not have anymore meat on the table so everything was okay for her to eat. Every time she sees food, she wants to eat. Even after a breastfeeding, she would like to eat and to be breastfed again. She tells us “hungry” and “eat”. But she is not obese because she is breastfed and a vegan, but she looks very healthy.


My son had hernia due to my poor diet during pregnancy, and it didn’t help that his nanny fed him just white rice and soup all day everyday. To make him eat variety, we bought from supermarkets and fast foods any food and drink that were not made of meat and that said “no preservatives” and “sugar free”. But we later found-out that even those are unhealthy.

To heal his hernia, we had to avoid any processed and sweet food and drinks. So we threw away any processed and sweet foods there may be in our kitchen

The first two days were very difficult. It was like rehabilitating an addict. We did not give in to Iezer even when he was starving.

We explained his physical condition to him. We told him that there is one good doctor who also doesn’t want him to be operated on, so we must follow all her advice.

The availability of the film, “Super Size Me” was a big help in weaning him from eating French fries from any fast food. Among the things we learned from the film was that even their only seemingly healthy food French fries did not come from fresh potatoes but have been processed and are very heavy on preservatives.

Since rice and soup were what he ate, we made sure his rice was unpolished rice and his soup contained five groups of vegetables – seeds, sprouts, leaves, fruit vegetables and root crops. We sliced the vegetables into very thin pieces and we mashed the root crops. We hid the vegetables under his unpolished rice. We didn’t show him how we prepared the food on his plate.

Every time he ate, I felt so relieved and joyful. After his meals, I would enumerate to him all the vegetables he ate – onions, tomatoes, radish, sweet potato, gabi, sayote, etc. – and he himself was surprised. For his merienda and baon to school, we fed him home made boiled or fried camote, fried fresh potatoes, banana hotcake, boiled or fried saba, suman, spaghetti with fresh tomato sauce, macaroni sopas (without dairy), pansit, and once in a while whole wheat dark multigrain bread and pita bread. He also drank a jug full of rice coffee everyday.

His hernia was a wake-up call to us. And now thanks to God, proper nutrition and daily massage, he is now well without surgery. To God be the glory!.


Our son Iezer had hernia. My mother-in-law noticed it when Iezer was just newly born. She was very keen on those things because my husband also had hernia when he was an infant. My mother-in-law treated my husband’s hernia by warming-up his abdominal area with massage, bigkis and supporter and my husband got well. Upon consultation with three (3) pediatricians on whether Iezer had hernia or not, they all said that my son didn’t have hernia. The pediatricians also discouraged me from using bigkis because according to them the baby’s navel might get infected if not exposed to air. Because we didn’t use bigkis, my son’s navel is outward. They said it would go inside when his stomach becomes bigger but it never did.

I also used to work full-time in an advertising agency so I left Iezer with his nanny as early as when he was only 3 months old. Unfortunately, his nanny at that time fed him white rice and soup and my stored breast milk everyday. So, Iezer wasn’t trained to chew and try other dishes. The nutrition he lacked was supplemented with my breast milk and my direct breastfeeding.

A medical certificate was among the prerequisites of his preschool. We just went to the nearby Medical City and had him examined by the pediatrician-on-board at that time. The doctor detected one undescended testes. Iezer was already 3 years old then. We went to a pedia-surgeon who is well-known for operating babies with such condition. Fortunately during the check-up, both testes were down. So the pedia-surgeon just asked us to return the following year for monitoring. From then on, we became more observant of his testes. We noticed that there were times when one testes was indeed up and there were times when both were in place. We went to an Acupuncturist who taught us the pressure points. We massaged Iezer 2-3x daily. For a year both testes were stable. Sometime during that year we stopped giving him acupressure/massages.

In July 2004, Iezer was 4, we noticed a lump at the right side of his abdominal area. We went to four pedia-surgeons and they all told us the same things:

“My son had hernia. Unfortunately, there is no medication, only surgery. Hernia is a congenital problem. The left side of a fetus’ abdomen is the first to close. At 7 months, the right hole should have closed but it didn’t, due to the lack of nutrition in my diet during pregnancy while fetus was still forming/developing. So there is a hole where his intestine falls down to. The lump is his intestine. This also pulls-up his right testes. Doctors usually wait for the hole to close until the child reaches the age of 2. General anaesthesia plus oral anaesthesia will be given to him. We may accompany our son inside the operating room but we must leave once he falls asleep. Since he was already 4 years old, the cut will be bigger, about 2 inches in length. They will bring the intestine up within the abdomen and close the hole through ligation. If the surgeon commits a mistake, my son may become barren. Right after the surgery, we may go to the recovery room to be right by his bedside the moment he opens his eyes.”

We asked the surgeon if there were any chance for hernia to recur. If ligation will be the process, don’t some ligated mothers still conceive? The doctor honestly admitted that hernia may indeed recur without proper nutrition. So if ever it recurs, another surgery will take place. He was confident that since we are capable of giving proper nutrition to Iezer, his hernia won’t recur.

But deep inside I myself wasn’t sure of that. Even if we are vegans, it was so difficult to ask Iezer to try the healthy foods that we are eating. And, we allowed him to eat and drink processed foods with preservatives and sugar like French fries, biscuits, hotcake, carrot juice in cans and tetra and soya milk.

We tentatively scheduled the surgery between the start of the Christmas break and Christmas. In the meantime, there should be no strain on his abdomen – no physical education, no gymnastics, no Taekwondo, no dancing, no carrying heavy objects, no shouting, no crying, no hitting his abdominal area.

Of course we were still so hesitant about the operation. Aside from the high cost, we were more worried about the effect of anaesthesia that will damage his memory, the fear and trauma our son will have to face, the probable accident during the surgery that may lose him his manhood and chance of becoming a father someday. If hernia recurs, it will be surgery after surgery. On the other hand, we couldn’t help but think that after Iezer undergoes surgery, he may go back to his normal activities. We and all the people who love Iezer never stopped praying for a miracle so that no surgery may take place.

We went back to the Accupuncturist and she told us we shouldn’t have stopped applying acupressure on Iezer, that it is to be for life. The Accupuncturist said it was a spleen and stomach problem. As long as my son doesn’t eat vegetables, especially beans and root crops, he won’t get well. Then one day I got a call from her to telling me that after her researches on hernia, she concluded that is a congenital problem, thus, surgery will be the only solution. Still, we should continue acupressure specially before the surgery. So in other words, the Accupuncturist has also given up on my son to Western Medicine.

But our very close friend Nona Castillo, IBCLC, a natural healing counsellor, didn’t give-up. She referred us to her mentor, Dr. Susan Balingit. Her background was Western Medicine. She was an Aneasthesiologist yet upon studying the Eastern ways, she shifted to Natural Healing. She gave us hope! She said hernia may be cured through natural ways. Hernia is a nutrition problem and is an extremely yin/expansive energy disease. Iezer must really eat vegetables especially beans and root crops that will give him contractive/yang energy. He must also drink brown rice coffee everyday. Brown Rice Coffee will create contractions on his abdomen that would make his intestine go up and the hole to close naturally by itself (without having to open and ligate my son). We should apply heat on his entire abdominal area specially after his bath. She also taught us massage techniques that we are supposed to do once or twice daily. It will be better for the father to be the one to massage Iezer because men give-off contractive/yang energy, while women give-off expansive/yin energy. Since my husband and I will be massaging Iezer, we should also watch-out what we eat because we will be passing energy form those foods to Iezer. Since Iezer’s hernia is an extremely yin/expansive energy disease, all of us should not eat any sweets – not sugar, not mascubado sugar, not honey, not even fruits. We also mustn’t eat any processed food. We must also eat beans and root crops to pass these energies onto Iezer.

All three kinds of doctor with different backgrounds – Western Medicine, Accupuncture, Natural Healing through Yin & Yang – said the same thing, i.e., “Hernia is a nutrition problem.”

There is no one to blame but me, his mother. I didn’t listen to my husband and ate all the wrong junk foods when I was pregnant with Iezer. Then I allowed his first nanny to feed him nothing but white rice and soup. And, I let him eat processed food with sugar, preservatives and artificial flavours and colours.

Since even the surgeon admitted that hernia may recur with poor nutrition, why wait until after the operation to fix Iezer’s diet? So while waiting for the date of the operation, we strictly followed everything that Dr. Susan advised us to do.

We threw away any processed and sweet foods there may be in our kitchen. The first two days were very difficult. It was like rehabilitating an addict. We did not give in to Iezer even when he was starving. We explained his physical condition to him. We told him that there is one good doctor who also doesn’t want him to be operated on, so we must follow all her advice. The availability of the film, “Super Size Me” was a big help in weaning him from eating French fries from any fast food. Among the things we learned from the film was that even their only seemingly healthy food French fries did not come from fresh potatoes but have been processed and are very heavy on preservatives. Since rice and soup were what he ate, we made sure his rice was unpolished rice and his soup contained five groups of vegetables – seeds, sprouts, leaves, fruit vegetables and root crops. We sliced the vegetables into very thin pieces and we mashed the root crops. We hid the vegetables under his unpolished rice. We didn’t show him how we prepared the food on his plate. Every time he ate, I felt so relieved and joyful. After his meals, I would enumerate to him all the vegetables he ate – onions, tomatoes, radish, sweet potato, gabi, sayote, etc. – and he himself was surprised. For his merienda and baon to school, we fed him home made boiled or fried camote, fried fresh potatoes, banana hotcake, boiled or fried saba, suman, spaghetti with fresh tomato sauce, macaroni sopas (without dairy), pansit, and once in a while whole wheat dark multigrain bread and pita bread. He also drank a jug full of rice coffee everyday. We massaged him once in the morning and another at night time after his bath.

So his illness became a blessing in disguise! The moment we removed processed foods and sugar from his systems, Iezer was finally trying and eating a lot of delicious healthy foods! His seemingly always present cold disappeared! At the same time also, he became less hyper and more relaxed, controlled, behaved, obedient and sweeter. And the best news of all, his hernia improved tremendously even before the date of the operation came!

At age 6, ultrasound result showed no sign of hernia. Still, everyday, we continue giving him the right healthy foods, rice coffee, massage and prayers. To God be the glory!

Stay Healthy


• Don’t give cow’s milk. baby foods, or same food for several days, as these will destroy appetite for variety of foods
• Offer variety every meal everyday
• Everything on the table must be healthy, okay for baby
• Don’t cook different dish for each household
• Let the child eat when he is hungry
• Don’t force feed
• Small frequent feedings
• Eat together
• Demonstrate pleasure
• Be happy during meals
• Involve child in food prep


  • Check your kitchen cabinets and refrigerators, throw away any processed and sweet foods and drinks you’ll find and stop buying those. Take away any temptation.
  • Be firm and don’t give-in no matter how hard. Don’t worry, he won’t die of hunger. If there is no other choice, your child is bound to eat whatever food you make available for him because of his hunger. Chances are, when he tastes the food, he’ll like it.
  • Together, watch the film “Super Size Me” (VCD copies available in video and record stores) to help explain the ill effects of unhealthy food to your kids. Don’t wait for your child to have any illness before you fix his diet.
  • To ensure that you and your child are getting complete nutrition, each dish should contain a combination of the five groups of vegetables – seeds,root crops,sprouts,leaves and fruit vegetables.

(See “Foods We Recommend and Foods We Discourage”)


Give each family member a daily dose of these 11 God-given free gifts to stay healthy.

N -


A - Air (fresh)
T -

Temperance (control in temper, control in diet)

U -

Understanding your Body (recognizing what makes you sick, then avoiding it)

R - Rest
E -

Exercise (massage is also a form of exercise)

S -


B -


E -

Environment (clean)

S - Service to God and Society
T -

Trust in God

My kids and I play a game by counting our individual scores.


article by The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, tells us what’s wrong with cow’s milk protein, milk sugar, milk fat and contaminants.
1.  Milk Proteins

• No.1 food allergen, mucus-forming, which result to respiratory and skin diseases
• Too heavy which result to indigestion and constipation
•Causes Osteoporosis
• Protein in dairy products cause Insulin-dependent diabetes, which begins in childhood and may lead to blindness and contribute to heart disease, kidney damage, and amputations due to poor circulation.

2.  Milk Sugar

• Many people, particularly of Asian and African ancestry, are unable to digest milk sugar (lactose), which result to diarrhea and gas (lactose intolerant).
• But for those who can digest lactose, lactose breaks down into 2 simple sugars: glucose and galactose. Galactose has been implicated in Ovarian Cancer and Cataracts.

3.  Milk Fat

• Saturated fat/cholesterol, which leads to cardiovascular diseases and certain forms of cancer

4.  Contaminants

• rBGH (Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormones)


• Early Degeneration
• Precocious Puberty
• Cancer

• Antibiotics (dosage is unfit for human consumption)


• Preservatives


• Pesticides and other chemicals in cow’s feeds


• Drugs


• Vitamin D Toxicity


• Human & Industrial Errors



Recalls of Infant Formula - FDA Enforcement Report (a few examples from 1982 to 2006)
• SIMILAC • Vit.C & D deficient, PVC, lumpy, brown, unfit for consumption
• ENFAMIL • Off-odor, clumping, product separation
• MEAD JOHNSON ] Enterobacter Sakazaki
• WYETH • curdling, off-odor, discoloration
•CARNATION • excessive Magnesium, lumpy curdled appearance
• MEAD JOHNSON • no ingredients list, mislabelling, wrong instructions, glass particles, Vit.D deficient
• HEINZ 3 • hard plastic, lead
For complete listings, check-out:

What’s Wrong with Dairy Products?
By Physicians Committee on Responsible Medicine,
enumerates the illnesses brought about by taking milk & dairies, and explains why

1. Osteoporosis • Harvard Nurses’ Health Study followed 75,000 women who continued taking milk/dairies in 12 years.  The study showed increase fracture risk.  Heavy protein decalcify the bones.
2 . Cardiovascular Disease • Cholesterol & saturated fat
3 . Cancer • Insulin-like Growth Factors
4 . Diabetes • Protein destroy insulin-producing cells of pancreas
5 . Lactose Intolerance • Gastrointestinal distress, diarrhea, flatulence, etc.
6 . Vitamin D Toxicity • Too much Vit.D is toxic
7 . Contaminants • rBGH, antibiotics, pesticides
8 . Health Concerns of Children & Infants • Obesity, iron-deficiency, colic, constipation, etc.



1.Cow’s Milk and Dairy Products

• Cream
• Butter
• Cheese
• Ice Cream

• No.1 food allergen, mucus-forming, result to respiratory and skin diseases
• Too heavy protein result to indigestion and constipation
• Causes Osteoporosis
• Insulin-dependent diabetes
• Early Degeneration
• Precocious Puberty
• Obesity
• Heart Disease
• Cancer
• Etc.


• Coconut Milk
• Olive Oil
• Toasted Unsalted Cashew
• Fruity Coco Ice Cream

1.Cow’s Milk and Dairy Products

•No.1 food allergen, mucus-forming, result to respiratory and skin diseases
•Too heavy protein result to indigestion and constipation
•Causes Osteoporosis
•Insulin-dependent diabetes
•Early Degeneration
•Precocious Puberty
•Heart Disease

For Calcium, all vegetables contain Ca, esp. Sesame Seeds
(1 tsp = Ca supposedly from a glass of milk)

All vegetables contain Calcium.  Here are random examples of their Calcium contents.  

  Food (100 grams) Calcium (mg)  
  Kulitis 364  
  Kamote, ugat, puti 138  
  Kasubha 619  
  Himbabao 362  
  Sesame Seeds 1,160  
  Saging, bulaklak 288  
  Saluyot 488  
  Singkamas 14  
  Okra 98  
  Talong 30  
2.  Simple Sugars

For Mothers:

• Possibility of Miscarriage
• Preterm Labour
• Body Pain
• Severe Labor Pain
• Slow Healing of Wounds
• Postpartum Depression
• Sore Nipples
• Painful Menstruation

For Babies/Children:
• Hyperactivity
• Respiratory Problems
• Skin Problems
• Ruin taste buds/appetite for healthy foods
• Gas pain

More Complex Carbohydrates

Other Effects of Sugar

• Creates an imbalance of mineral relationships
• Depresses the immune system
• Body pains
• Slow healing of wounds
• Mucus formation
• Painful menstruation
• Can cause eye problems
• Can cause kidney problems
• Osteoporosis or decalcification due to high acidity
• Thick blood viscosity
• Allergies

Degenerative Diseases Due to Sugar
  Arthritis, osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia, constipation, gas, asthma, headaches, cancer, candida overgrowth, obesity, heart disease, tooth decay, inflammatory bowel disease, canker sores, gallstones  and cystic fibrosis

3. Imported Fruits

Imported fruits have preservatives. Fruits available off-season were chemically-grown with fertilizers, cost high, taste bland.Whatever grows in our location at a given weather/season is what our body needs to avoid getting sick – in the hot summer months, watery fruits to hydrate us; in rainy/cold months, fruits to warm us up.

Locally grown fruits in-season


4. Fatty Foods (meat & too much oil)

Weight Gain/Obesity Cardiovascular Diseases

Unsaturated Fats:

  • Breast milk
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits

5. Meat:
• Pork
• Chicken
• Beef


• High protein, hard to chew and digest, lead to constipation
• Saturated Fats/Cholesterol
• Rbgh (Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormones)
-Early Degeneration/Aging
(receding hairline, hair loss, white hair, wrinkles, looking older than your age, early menopause for women)

• Precocious Puberty (today age 4-8)
• Why fat boys have breasts
• Why there are more gays
• Activate cancer cells

Refrain from eating meat
or opt for:

  • Organic Meat
  • Native Chickens
  • Native Eggs
  • Small Fishes not grown in ponds
  • Tofu as meat replacement

6. Seafoods High allergen foods
We dump our toxic wastes into the sea.
Squids, shrimps, crabs, janitor fish are scavengers of the sea.
Shells contain mercury (metal)
Small-sized fish

7. Caffeine
• Coffee
• Tea
• Chocolate Drink/Bar/Cake/Ice Cream
• Cola
-A drug, a stimulant
-Sleeping difficulty
-Heart palpitate
-Stagnant growth
-Linked to birth defects

• Brown Rice Coffee
• Tea w/out Caffeine
• Fresh Fruits
• Fresh Fruit Shakes
• Fresh Fruit Juices
• Water

8. Alcohol Increase chances of Baby’s Fetal Alcohol Syndrome,which may result to any of the following:
• low birth weight
• short length
• small head (brain) size
• facial deformities

• Water
• Fresh Fruits
• Fresh Fruit Shakes
• Fresh Fruit Juices

9.Refined Foods:
• White Flour
• White Rice
• White Sugar
• Iodized Salt

Nutritional Imbalance


Synthetic Vitamins
to compensate

Eat Whole:
• Whole Wheat Bread
• Unpolished Rice
• Natural Sugar from
Local Fruits like
banana, pineapple
• Rock/Sea Salt

100 Grams Unpolished Rice White Rice
Protein (g)
Calcium (mg)
Iron (mg)
Riboflavin (mg)
Fiber (mg)



When Mothers Eat Unpolished Rice…
• Pregnant mothers don’t become iron-deficient nor constipated. Newborn child’s APGAR score is high
• Breastfeeding mothers lose weight and get into shape faster without losing energy, while breastfed babies have high weight gain “real healthy fat”


Kay & Joshua Caleb Ang

Ate healthy 1yr before conceiving
(avoided sugar, dairies, meat esp. pork)
Kay’s Weight gain = 15 lbs. only
Baby’s APGAR = 9.9

Exclusively Breastfeeding
No Vaccines, No Vitamins, No Medication


Ms. Philippines Maja 2000 Iza Bungubung with Joaquin & Amina

Didn’t stop breastfeeding her eldest;
Tandem-feeding up to now.

Family eats Brown Rice &
5 Vegetable Groups

Brown Rice, Vegan Exclusively Breastfed Baby up to 8 months
2 months 3 months 4 months
5 months 6 months 7 months

10. Processed Foods and Ingredients

Too many chemicals; contain more than 3,000 additives:

• Fertilizers
• Pesticides
• Herbicides
• Flavors
• Preservatives Tenderizers
• Artificial Colors

Fiber-rich, Indigenous Foods,
Local and In-Season

Traditional Way of Cooking Combines 5 Vegetable Groups

1. Fruit Vegetables

2. Leafy Vegetables

3. Sprout Vegetables

4. Root Vegetables

5. Seed Vegetables

Combine 5 Groups of Vegetables

Root Sprout Leafy Fruit
(Green Gram)
(Sweet Potato)
Mushroom Malunggay
(Horse Raddish Tree)
(Pigeon Pea)
Kamoteng Kahoy (Cassava) Bean Sprouts Alugbati
(Country Spinach)
(String Bean)
Pechay Saluyot
(Hyacinth Bean)
Mustard Tops Leaves of Sweet Potato Sayote
(Lima Bean)
Onion Bamboo Shoots Leaves of Taro Patola (Sponge Gourd)
Red, White,
Black Beans
Ubod ng Niyog Leaves of String Beans Ampalaya
(Bitter Gourd)
Others Others Other Tops Others Others

Indigenous Dishes

Northern Philippines:
Pinakbet and Dinengdeng

Tagalog Region:
Bulanglang and Sinigang

Southern Philippines:
Laswa, Law-uy and Nilapwaan

Earth-Friendly Diet

• Read the Labels
• Chew your Food well
• Food Journal
• Listen to your Body

X Food Myth  
x We need to drink milk for strong bones
x We need high protein diet for energy
x Beans contain high level of uric acid
x Eating just vegetables will make a person weak

We encourage you to conduct your own research. Here are some websites we recommend:
Website of Physicians’ Committee for Responsible Medicine

Website of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

Website of Mr. John Robbins (who gave-up his Baskin & Robins Ice Cream empire inheritance and exposed contaminations in meat, milk and dairy products)

Website of the USA National Alliance for Breastfeeding Advocacy that provides US Food and Drug
Authority’s detailed listing of industrial errors in cow’s milk production

Straight from the horses’ mouth! The website of dairy producers discussing the illnesses that plague cattle ranging from mastitis, botulism, cystic ovaries, etc.

the A-Z of diseases that you can get from cow’s milk

An interview with T. Colin Campbell, professor of Nutritional Bio-chemistry and co-chair of World Cancer Research Fund



The way to enjoy eating vegetables lies on the delicious cooking. The cook must believe that what she will be cooking, without meat, artificial flavour enhancers, processed sauce/ingredient, sugar, vinegar, fish sauce and MSG, will be delicious, otherwise, the cook will still secretly place these hidden harmful ingredients in the dish. There are more delicious vegetables other than Chopsuy. We would like to share some vegan recipes with you that are all natural, healthy and yummy.


I would like to share some simple and basic massage techniques which your family can give each other everyday. I massage my kids daily and they enjoy it. My 8 year old son offers to massage me when I complain of headache or backache and it really feels good to feel his cute healing fingers. My 4 year old daughter massages her elder brother when he complains of pain and herself when she coughs.
Benefits to your Child

Emotional Benefits:

  1. Touch = LOVE
  2. Relieve some of the TRAUMA and ANXIETY associated with birth, a new environment, and/or weaning
  3. RELAX – decrease stress hormones (cortisol)
  4. Builds TRUST and RESPECT to Parents

=          HAPPY & CALM BABIES

Physical Benefits:

  1. Keep Warm
  2. Weight Gain, Growth & Development
  3. Exercise
    1. Stretch (muscle tone & flexibility)
    2. Stimulate (organs)
    3. Strengthen (immune system/body resistance)
  4. Healing of Illnesses
    1. Removes toxins/wastes
  5. Make Child Sleepy

Benefits to Parents
  • Quality BONDING with baby
  • Gain PARENTING SKILLS and self-confidence
  • Be PART OF baby’s growth, development and healing
  • Develop UNDERSTANDING of child’s needs (cries and body language) and feelings

  • Daily (well or sick)
  • At least once a day
  • 2-3x a day/when needed when sick
  • Right after a bath or sponge bath
  • Before bedtime
  • When needed
  • Not immediately after meal; not with a full stomach
  • Don’t bathe after a massage (leave at least 6hours or more, like the next day)

As You Massage
  • Turn-off air condition or fan
  • Remove metals from your body and child’s body
  • Have short nails
  • Sanitize your hands
  • Use Edible Oil
  • Be relaxed yourself
  • Be in a positive, loving mood
  • Apply just the right pressure
  • Don’t hasten your strokes; must be relaxed
  • Pray while you massage
  • Feel free to smell & kiss baby

Keep Warm

• After a bath, wipe dry and apply coconut oil or any edible oil on to the child’s body to keep him warm. Rub the oil over his entire abdominal area, chest, back and soles of his feet. Heating-up the child’s abdominal area will also prevent colic. It is better to allow child to sweat so that he could release toxins from his body. Just be diligent in wiping and placing a small towel on the child’s back and changing his shirt.

Stimulate Internal Organs

• In acupressure, every part of the ears and feet are pressure points to the rest of the body parts – brain, eyes, ears, nose, heart, stomach, kidney, liver, etc. Massage by pressing the entire (outer and inner) parts of the ears and it will help stimulate and circulate the internal organs of his body.

Create Appetite

• To increase child’s appetite, press fingers on to the tummy going on an upward motion towards the mid-section of his ribs or “sikmura”.
May also use fingers or the palm of your hand to press “sikmura” going in a circular motion.

Release Mucus and Toxins

• When child has colds, cough, fever, or asthma attacks, it means there has been a build-up of phlegm/mucus on his throat, nose, chest, back caused by food/drinks containing sugar and dairy products. As long as there is mucus, bacteria has a place to stay inside the body. Thus, best to release mucus from the body.

• Cough and spit-out phlegm and blow nose as soon and as often as possible.

• Use of steam or vaporizer is also a big help in removing heat and toxins from the body. To do the steam, fill up a large pot with water, salt, chopped onions (and may add basil leaves if available). Boil altogether. Keep it covered. Wrap sick person and the pot with a big blanket. Cover any opening. Slowly remove the lid. Smoke will come out. The person will feel very warm, he will sweat and mucus will come out of his nose. But once you end the steaming, the sick person will feel cold from the air. Immediately wipe-off the sweat, change his clothes, blow his nose, apply oil on his entire back area to keep him warm. Proceed to massage him.

• Apply heat by rubbing oil to his back and chest.

• In a circular motion, massage the back of his neck, back of his ears, his shoulders, his shoulder blades, the wing-like bones at his back. When you feel a lump, that’s “kulani” where the toxins are. Keep on massaging these areas to soften and crush them. Once the lump disappears, you’ll notice the illness will also go away.

Congested Colds

• Aside from steam, there are also massage techniques to help mucus to come-out from the nose (especially for babies and toddlers who don’t know how to blow their noses yet):

• Stroke your pointer and middle fingers from behind the ears underneath the jaw going downward. You will see that mucus will start flowing-out of the nose. In wiping baby’s nose, use wet or dry cotton balls to avoid hurting his skin.

• Also, massage the back of neck and shoulder blades. When you feel some clogged areas, keep on massaging/softening the areas, for those are the phlegm/toxins.

• Sometimes the mucus is congested on the head which create severe headache and migraine. In-between the eyebrows, move your pointer finger going upward to the forehead. Also, from in-between and slightly above the eyebrows, massage by moving both pointer fingers gong sideways/outward.

Cough or Asthma

• When throat feels itchy/irritated, stroke your pointer and middle fingers underneath the chin.

• When child/person coughs, massage the center of his chest in a circular pattern.

• From the center of the chest, using both hands, stroke going downward following the curves of his ribs. Press and massage in a circular motion the deep parts near the shoulders.

Whether Constipated or having LBM or Amoebasis

• Warm-up entire abdominal area by rubbing oil

• In a circular motion, massage with index and middle fingers the left, right and lower sides of the navel

• In a circular motion, massage center part of the soles of feet going towards the heels

• In a circular motion, massage center of the palms going towards the wrists

Un-descended Testes or Hernia

(Each massage, 15 or more strokes, 2 or more times a day)

• At the top-most center of child’s head between the tips of both ears, press fingers and massage in a circular motion.

• Immediately after child’s bath, rub your hands to create heat/friction and press your warm hands on the area where the testes are (for un-descended testes) or where the lump of intestine is (for hernia). Aside from massage, a native leaf called “Ikmo” is very effective too. Apply thin layer of coconut oil unto the Ikmo leaf and heat over low fire. Place on the intestinal and testes areas and secure by tying a big scarf. Make the child wear supporter (there are available at boy’s brief sections) or very tight brief or swimming trunks.

• Also immediately apply heat to child’s entire abdominal area by using edible oil. Move hands to a downward motion (for un-descended testes) or upward motion (for hernia).

• About ¾ inch at the left side and right side of the child’s navel, press your pointer and middle fingers and move in a circular or downward motion (for un-descended testes) or upward motion (for hernia).

• Do the same massage about ¾ inch right below the child’s navel.

• For his back, use your pointer and middle fingers to stroke/massage going downward following the contours of the spinal cord, from the back of child’s neck down to his hips.

• Massage the back of child’s hips in a circular and downward motion (for un-descended testes) or upward motion (for hernia).

• Below the knees, massage the sides in a downward motion (for un-descended testes) or circular motio (for hernia). Open your hand (separate thumb from pointer finger) and slide your hand going upward from his legs up to his knees. When you feel your hand locked right below the knee, that is the spot. Massage both left and right spots where your thumb and index fingers got locked.

• Between the knee and the outer ankle bone, massage the leg’s spot in a circular motion. Do it for both legs.

• About the width of the child’s four fingers which is approximately 2 inches above the child’s inner ankle bone, massage that portion in a downward motion (for un-descended testes) or circular motion (for hernia). Do it for both legs.

• Apply pressure and massage in a circular motion every part of the soles of both feet. *Even if there are days when both testes seem even/stable or when the intestine doesn’t show, you still have to faithfully massage your child daily.

Calm down, relax and sleep

• Hug the child. Speak in an understanding manner. Stroke his back going downward.

• Use fingers as comb to stroke hair from forehead to back of neck, from one ear to the other ear.

• Massage is one of the best ways to put the child to sleep. During a massage at night, my son usually dozes-off even before I finish massaging him.


• Dip/wash your hands with sea/rock salt water


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